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Hi there,

I have a chance to intern at Pronto Marketing 2 months from early June to late July. The point of this topic is to share my experiences for anyone who interest in Pronto Marketing or anyone else and I will divide the story into 2 parts; working experience and knowledge require and gain.

Before we go on I want to say that I know pronto from my senior at my University. She told me how good pronto is by sending her friend’s blog to me. I was very interested in Pronto after I read the whole blog.

(you can find more blog about internships at Pronto Marketing here and career here)

I will skip the process how to apply as an intern here. But for short detail, you contact the team you want to join at Pronto (for me is R&D team; Research and Development) and submit stuffs they require then wait for the announcement and enjoy!

Working experience at Pronto

Working experience at Pronto


Working Experience at Pronto

As an intern, It was not just good but great! Working here is like working at home. Why? Well, I would say I can forget my uniform here since I can wear anything I want. Have you ever lost your time just because prepares your shirt? Freestyle uniform has saved my time a lot from the rush morning life in Bangkok.

No stress, every 3 PM of working day. half an hour break helps reorganize my brain. Once for me, I was happened to save my work just by relaxing while eating!

Hate morning traffic? If you live in Bangkok I’m sure you well known that the traffic in the morning is very heavily jam! What if I say I can start your work at 9 or 10 AM? Anyway, my working time should be up to 8 hours a day.

Working here requires English skills. I was afraid so much for my English level before I come to Pronto but after I have spent my time here I think I shouldn’t have afraid that much. It doesn’t important the language skill must be fluent at least I can explain my mind with basic words. That’s fine.

Working here changes the way I think so much! An example would be normally when I have words in mind, I would prefer to keep it inside. But this place makes me share my feeling with people. When you have any bad feeling about your friend, work, or even your own business I think everyone here ready to here you. Believe me! Don’t keep your bad or good feeling to yourself because it will be getting worse!

By the way, I’m not sure about welfare here, but what I have heard is that it’s also interesting.

R&D Team

R&D Team


Knowledge requires and gain

Since I was applying here as a junior software engineer at R&D team. I think if you are interested to intern at R&D team you should be good at how to use google, stack-overflow because it will help you find a lot of solutions for your task. Programming concept is also important here, strong programming concept makes your work easier.

Have you heard about “Agile” before? If not, so I suggest you to read more about it.  At R&D team, we use Agile software development methods! By involved with real working experience I become more understanding on adopting agile with the real project.

What I think is the fun part here is the pair programming. We use Python and Django framework to develop our project. No doubt that Django is a great framework! But the problem is I never write it before. Thanks
P’ Kan for teaching me how Django and Python work together. Your lesson keeps me focus on the right way! Anyway, my real first working day when I pair with P’ Sandy I still forgot Django commands, syntax, and many things. Thanks P’ Sandy for your patience and always nice to me and a lot of thank for accepting and let me share my idea.

Actually, there are a lot of good things that R&D team and pronto did to me. But if I write all of them it would take at least 10 pages. I don’t think you like to read long. right? 😀

If you see this message, it means that my topic will end soon. Before you leave this page, I want to share my feeling here. I could say I just had a great time and a chance to improve myself at Pronto. And I want you to have it too. If you are looking for the place to change you in the best way. Pronto is the right place! But chances are appearing in various places, if you happen to find it, just take it. Don’t be hesitate!

See you again.

I won't say "Good bye" but "See you again"

I won’t say “Good bye” but “See you again”


Intern Team



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